It takes time, efforts and patience to quit smoking completely. Many a times, smokers do not sum up the courage and will to resist the temptation of smoking. However, if you have taken the right steps for quitting smoking then you can really do so.

You may follow the below mentioned guidelines that helps you in quit smoking.

(1) Make a firm belief and determination to quit smoking completely. You should have belief in your abilities that you can quit smoking. This belief will guide you in quitting smoking in more ways than once including your way of thinking; research done by you, action you will take, etc.

How to Quit Smoking (2) Design an effective and well thought Quit plan. You should create such a plan that you can follow daily and that suits you in quitting smoking comfortably. If you make a tough plan for you to follow then you may break in between the process of quitting. Therefore, you can analyse your strengths and weaknesses and then chart your plan. Ensure to include various timelines and short term goals for you to achieve during the process of quitting smoking.

(3) Convert your plan of paper into action. You should put your efforts to make the plan successful. Initially, you may find it difficult to keep going and break the inertia. However, once you have achieved the speed, you will feel it easy going as small steps taken can lead to series of chain reactions.

(4) Prepare Yourself Mentally as it is very important for you to understand, study and overcome your addictions. You should think about the various pleasures you can derive by smoking and then study your addiction so that you can prepare to overcome it.

(5) Take assistance from friends and Family – You should ask your family and friends to offer you positive encouragement. You should ask them to support you and remain patient when you are fighting to overcome your withdrawal symptoms.

(6) You should also visualize your ways for quitting smoking successfully. You should make a note of your triggers and also engage in exercise routine daily.