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Tips for Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking takes time and one need to make conscious efforts to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked daily till reaching the stage of complete non smoking. You may follow the below mentioned tips for quitting smoking effectively.

(1) Have a strong willpower- You should have a firm believe in yourself that you can quit smoking. You can make small goals and achieve them to gain the required confidence for tackling any obstacles that come your way.

(2) Make a note of the reasons for your decision to quit smoking. You should ensure that you read it daily. Also make a list of actions you would like to do and follow it strictly.

Tips for Quitting Smoking (3) You should make a list of the benefits of quitting smoking including feeling better, getting healthy body and mind, saving money, living longer, improving your personality, etc. You should ensure to read these benefits daily once or twice.

(4) Take assistance from family and friends – You should discuss about your habit for quitting smoking with your friends and family. You should ask them to be support you and assist you in while dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

(5) Chart your time bound plan for quitting smoking – You should prepare a plan with timelines for quitting or reducing the smoking. You can prepare daily, weekly and monthly goals. You can set the dates for cutting down on number of cigarettes smoked by you gradually to zero. You can also arrange for a party to reward yourself on day when you have reached the complete no smoking day.

(6) Take assistance from doctors – You may visit your doctor and ask him about quitting. The proper support and guidance from a physician helps you in quitting the smoking completely.

(7) Begin activities like swimming, dancing, doing exercise, etc. All these physical activities are incompatible with smoking. It helps you in getting rid of smoking habits. By regularly doing exercise, you can relieves the stress and recover your body from the damage done by smoking cigarettes.

Steps for Quitting Smoking

In order to quit smoking, a smoker needs to go through various phases where he has to overcome varying obstacles. Therefore, a smoker needs to have a strong will power and determination to tackle any barrier in the gradual, step-by-step process of quitting smoking.

You can take the following steps in planning your course of quitting smoking.

(1)Make a determined plan for quitting smoking – You should think about quitting or reducing the smoking with firm will and determination. You should start taking all actions that support your task. You need to prepare yourself mentally for doing it and begin discussing about it. You should analyse the negative aspects that you need to overcome and prepare to face them.

Steps for Quitting Smoking (2) Do proper research – You should devote your time and efforts in gathering as much information as available for quitting smoking. You can refer to various products for quitting smoking such as Non smoking patches, cigarette filters, audio or video CDS, etc. You can also take the advice from others who had quit smoking.

(3) Take small and gradual steps –You should try to modify your smoking habits by cutting them down gradually. You can begin by keeping a record of how many cigarettes you have smoked and use stress-reduction techniques. You can start a new activity like swimming, dancing, etc that helps you to focus your mind towards creative and useful tasks.

(4) Use statistics to track your progress – You need to keep track of cigarettes smoked by you every day. You can make a note of the numbers and try to reduce it daily by one or two cigarettes. You should also modify your cigarette buying behaviour by reducing the frequency of buying it. One of the better ideas is to identify the top cigarette triggers and act to control it.

(5)Change your brand gradually to low tar brand – You should make the conscious effort to gradually shift towards the low tar brand. You need to brush your teeth many times a day and make a list of the reasons for your quitting and read it daily.

(6) Make long term and short term plan to quit smoking completely.- You should make plan for quitting smoking completely by starting from daily actions to weekly and then monthly. Try to refrain from smoking for one day to three days to week and then month.

Quitting Smoking

(8) Do Yoga and deep breathing daily – You should try to do yoga and deep breathing exercises each day for about 3 to 5 minutes. You should try to breathe through nose slowly, hold your breath for a minute and exhale very slowly from your mouth. It will help in relaxing your mind and body.

(9) Practise creative visualizations for quitting smoking completely. You should visualize your way for becoming a non-smoker. You can do so while practising the breathing exercises and by keeping your eyes closed. You can create the visualizations that suit you.

Tips for Quitting Smoking (10) Ensure gradual progress no matter if it is slow – You should ensure that you are making a gradual progress and do not mind if you are slow at it. Everyday a small step should be taken towards reaching your goals. Some of the ways for cutting down on your number of cigarettes gradually include planning the less number of cigarettes every day, buying less number of cigarette packets, change brands to low tar brands, etc.

(11) Devise your own pace for quitting smoking- You should not hurry yourself in quitting the smoking abruptly as it will make it difficult for you to leave. You should work out your own pace for quitting smoking. You can think about the best method and pace for gradually quitting.

(12) Take Advice from Ex Smokers – You should take the advices from other smokers who have successfully quitted smoking. You can share their experiences and various methods taken by them in overcoming the obstacles faced by them in dealing with withdrawal symptoms and cravings for smoking.

(13) Clean your teeth several times a day to ensure that they look great. You should make habit of regularly drinking lots of water as it will assist in flushing the nicotine out of your body.

(14) Celebrate your achievements as a non smoker for a day, week and then month.

Pharmacological Ways

As per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, following medications are approved for the treatment of nicotine addiction and assisting in withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

(1) Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) – It is the widely practised medication that is intended to use the different methods of delivering nicotine into the body and it does not involve the risks of smoking. The five NRT medications include trans-dermal nicotine patches, gum, Lozenges, sprays and inhalers.

Pharmacological Ways (2) Using Antidepressants – During the course of quitting smoking, many a times smoker goes into depression and he tend to smoke again in order to feel better. For such patients who are prone to depression, doctors may prescribe the anti depressants. One of the commonly used anti depressant is bupropion that is available under the brand name Zyban. However, the usage of Bupropion is contraindicated in various other medical conditions including epilepsy, anorexia/bulimia, seizure disorder and others.

(3) Nicotinic receptor agonist – It intends to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms and include the drug like varenicline that is available as Chantix and Champix brand name. Varenicline Tartrate can also be used by the smokers as an aversion therapy for reducing the desires and cravings for smoking by producing adverse effects on smoking similar to disulfiram or acamprosate for ethanol addiction.

(4) Cytisine (Tabex) – It is a basis of varenicline, and a cheap plant extract. It was among the first medication to get approval as an aid in quitting smoking. It offers few side effects in small doses.

Apart from the above listed approved medications for smoking cessation, there are two other medications that can be used in trials but they are not yet approved by the FDA. These can be used only under the careful physician supervision.

Clonidine – This drug reduces the craving for cigarettes after quitting smoking. But it does not improve other withdrawal symptoms consistently.

Nortriptyline – It is an antidepressant that has success rates similar to bupropion.

Using Substitutes for Cigarettes

Many smokers tend to use the substitutes available in the market for quitting smoking. These substitutes makes the smoker feel as if he is smoking the cigarette but they are harmless and serve only to satisfy the cravings for smoking by the smoker. By gradually using the substitutes for the smoking, smokers leave the dependency on nicotine laden cigarettes.

Some of the widely used Substitutes for cigarettes are mentioned below.

Using Substitutes for Cigarettes (1) Using Vaporizer – This is a cigarette substitute that heats up to 210 °C or less as compared to 820 °C at the tip of a cigarette. It removes the harmful carbon monoxide and other combustion toxins present in the smoke.

(2)Electronic cigarette – This is a device that looks like cigarette and comprises of heating element that vaporizes liquid nicotine and other flavourings from the cartridge. It comes with a rechargeable battery and is less expensive as compared to vaporizer. It provide various advantages including reducing the tar and carbon monoxide from the smoke significantly.

As per the release issued by World Health Organization in 2008, the electronic cigarette is not considered as a legitimate smoking cessation aid. It points that there is lack of sufficient studies to prove that the electronic cigarettes can be used as safe and effective nicotine replacement therapy.

(3) Smokeless tobacco – Using the smokeless tobacco is another way of quitting smoking but it does not reduce the dependency on nicotine as it only replaces the source of nicotine. Also, the spitting of tobacco may also lead to harmful effects like the risk for leukoplakia that is a precursor to oral cancer. Moreover, the chewing tobacco can also lead to mouth and throat cancer effectively.

(4)Smoking herb substitutions (non-tobacco) – This is the best option for quitting smoking as it does not involve the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine. It comprises of preparation made from the various herbal products that are beneficial for the body.

Quit Smoking Cravings

The major obstacle in the path of quitting smoking completely is to deal firmly with the quit smoking cravings. The majority of the smokers usually give in to their cravings of smoking and thus find it difficult to quit smoking. However, it is possible to follow smoking cessation and overcome your cravings and you need to be mentally tough do it. In fact, for every smoker in the world, there is also an Ex- smoker. This fact in itself has proved that there are millions of people around the world that have successfully quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Cravings There are basically three types of cravings that keep the smokers away from quitting smoking completely. One needs to understand these cravings properly to get rid of them. Once you get the idea about your cravings, you can handle it better. The most common craving that poses challenge for the smoker who has completely stops smoking is to face the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can be extremely tough to tackle and it creates profound effect on the physique of the person. The body of smoker simple finds it difficult to adjust itself without nicotine in the beginning and this makes it uncomfortable for the smoker. In fact, there are many smokers who have left the smoking but get relapses due to these withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.

Another form of cravings includes the lack of proper concentration and tendency to get depressed. The smoking person on smoking cessation experiences anxiety, headache, and may get into depression. The person suffers from sleep disorders and his food pattern changes abruptly with sudden increase in hunger. These are few challenges that a smoker needs to overcome in order to leave smoking. At this stage, the affected person needs to show extreme will power to surge ahead. These withdrawal symptoms are of temporary nature and they cease to exist within one to three weeks.

In addition to the above mentioned cravings, the affected people also have cravings in the form of habits. There are some habits that are linked with the smoking like taking break from work and smoke to relax or smoking while drinking alcohol. Some people make it a habit to walk in the garden at a particular time of day and while doing so they tend to smoke. After smoking cessation, whenever the affected person come across any of his habit linked with smoking, he may feel the cravings of smoking.

Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is one of the widely used methods available today for quitting smoking. It is practised by large number of smokers however it is also one of the difficult approaches for quitting smoking completely. “Cold turkey” is the term that refers to the actions of a person who quit a habit at once completely. It is in sharp contrast to the method of gradually decreasing the dependency by using the reduction or replacement medication. Examples of cold turkey include the smoking cessation methods proposed by J. Wayne McFarland, Elman J. Folkenburg, Joel Spitzer, John R. Polito and Allen Carr.

 Cold Turkey Method The major advantage of using the Cold Turkey method is that the person does not use any of the active supplement methods and avoid the habit completely from the roots. The person using this method does not even think about the habit, its temptation, and thus stops the addiction immediately. However, this method is not as simple as it seems as it includes the difficult period of coping up with the challenging circumstances and going through the withdrawal symptoms. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are really painful and unbearable.

The etymology of Cold Turkey has its roots in American phrase “talk turkey” that implies the meaning of speaking bluntly with little preparation. However, some people think that Cold Turkey is derived from the comparison of a cold turkey carcass as well as the state of a withdrawing addict including the goose bumps and cold sweats. It is also used in the situation to describe going with less or no preparation. Another comparison can be made to the “Cold Turkey” that does not need any preparation. The word Cold Turkey has been used in many movies and songs those talks about leaving the addiction of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

One Step at a Time Cigarette Filters and Smokeeze Cigarette Filters

Cigarette filters are unique and effective in conquering over Nicotine Addiction in a natural way. It helps in reducing the dependency on cigarettes. In case of using Gums and patches for quitting smoking, one does not treat the root cause as these do not reduce the dependency on nicotine. In fact, they allow the body to get nicotine from other source. One Step at a Time cigarette filters gradually reduce the dependency on nicotine and thus very effective. It provides a proven way to winning over your addiction without using patches, gums, doctors and reconditioning programs.

One Step at a Time Cigarette Filters and Smokeeze Cigarette Filters One Step at a Time®Cigarette Filters system comes with four filters where each can be used for 7 to 14 days. The first filter reduces up to 25% of nicotine and tars; the second by 50%; the third by 70%. By the time one finishes the fourth filter one can eliminate up to 90% of the nicotine and tars. With

One Step at a Time, you will get four filters in addition to 20 page booklet. It consists of details on the functioning of filters; usage of filters and four steps for a smoke-free life. It also comprises of details of cleaning the filters and for extending their effectiveness.

Smokeeze Cigarette Filters

Smokeeze Cigarette Filters eliminates up to 90% of tar and nicotine from every cigarette smoked by the smokers. It is an ideal filter for someone who has tried to quit smoking, but just couldn’t do it. Smokeeze reduces your dependency on nicotine by removing the tar and nicotine from the cigarettes.

Smokeeze effectively removes most of the lung clogging tar and addictive Nicotine; however, it does not change cigarette taste. One Smokeeze cigarette filter will lasts till smoking of 4-5 cigarettes. Each box has 30 filters and it is enough for filtering up to more than 7 packs of cigarettes. Smokeeze cigarette filters are designed to fit the regular cigarettes only. It is not applicable for “slim” cigarettes.


Zerosmoke is basically a gadget that makes use of two bio-magnets that create a precise pressure point on the outer ear of person. This Auricular therapy leads to the stimulation of various acupuncture points in the outer ear. It makes use of magnets for activating the production of neurotransmitters in the brain for removing the craving and desires for smoking. It is an all natural method treatment for quit smoking. This device does not wear out and lasts till lifetime. It allows the smokers to get rid of pills, gum, or any other chemical.

ZeroSmoke The cost of Zerosmoke is less than the cost of one week of smoking. It is a safe magnetic Auricular Therapy. It is very easy to use and is non allergic. It is coated by 24k gold covering and has worldwide patents. The Zerosmoke N.A. is FDA listed and registered.

In order to use the Zerosmoke, you need to place the magnets on your ears. It comes with two magnets of different size. You can place the smaller magnet on the front end of the ear and the larger magnet behind the ear. You should leave the magnets for 3 –4 hours on your ear. You should ensure that you should not keep it for more than 4 hours a day. You should use it in evenings at home. You can use it for six to seven days. During these six days, you can keep smoking. However, by 7th day, you should try to stop smoking. It will be easier for you to stop smoking by this time as the magnets would have resulted in the production of endorphins that eliminates the desire to smoke. You can continue using Zerosmoke® for the next about a month as per the instructions and advice given in the accompanying manual.

Nicotine Patch

A nicotine patch is basically a trans- dermal patch that is designed for releasing the nicotine into the body via the skin. It is used as aid in nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) that is intended for smoking cessation. This patch was discovered in 1993 in US. In fact, the NRT’s helps a person in quitting the smoking. By using the nicotine patch, the smokers can eventually double the rate of success of smoking cessation. However, the nicotine patch is not a cure all for quitting smoking. It is simply an aid that helps in the process of quitting smoking and it should be used in conjunction with other therapies. It acts as a useful tool and offers a steady, controlled dose of nicotine across the day and thereby it reduces the effects of nicotine withdrawal. The strength of nicotine patch gets reduced over the time and thus it allows the user to gradually reduce the nicotine dependency.

Nicotine Patch Nicotine patches are available in three different dosage strengths including 21mg, 14mg and 7mg. The usage of any strength depends on the amount of nicotine in any product. The 21mg patch is recommended in the beginning for the patients who are heavy smokers and who smoke more than20 cigarettes daily. Smokers can gradually shift to lower doses gradually from there to the final steps of no patch.

Some of Common side effects observed in smokers who use nicotine patches include headache, irritability, dizziness, drowsiness, sleep disturbances, etc. It also causes mild hallucinations, vivid dreams, and depression. The site of patch on the skin may lead to skin irritation and may be allergic.

The nicotine patch needs to be applied once a day on a dry, clean and hairless skin. It is recommended to wear the patch for 16 and 24 hours a day. The alternate usage of nicotine patches includes its usage in relieving the symptoms of post-surgical pain.

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