There are many smokers who gain weight during quitting smoking. They are under impression that they will face the same health risk by quitting smoking as they will by smoking cigarettes. However, the degree of weight gain is comparatively very small in majority of the cases. In general, the Smokers weight less as the appetite reduces by smoking while quitters gain weight by taking in more calories because of unsuppressed appetites. Also, the presence of Nicotine in body leads to change in the smoker’s metabolism in such a way that smokers burn more number of calories and convert fewer calories into fat.

You can follow the below mentioned strategies for preventing weight gain.

Avoid Weight Gain during Quitting Smoking (1) Doing Exercise – You can start doing exercise and various other activities like swimming, dancing etc that helps you in burning calories. This way you can prevent weight gain by quitting smoking. In fact, by doing regular exercise also keeps you body in shape and allow you to focus your mind and energy away from smoking. It is better to keep doing the physical exercises prior you plan to reduce or quit smoking so that it become your daily routine.

(2) Change your eating habits. You should make efforts to change your eating practice in such a way that you can stay fit for whole day without putting on extra calories. You should make efforts to eat smaller portions several times a day rather than eating heavy meal at once. You can make it a practise to take your meal in small plates and begin eating slowly. You should drink frequent sips of water between your bites. You should make a practise to eat more of raw vegetables for staying healthy.

(3) Reduce sweets in your diet – You should make it a point to gradually reduce the sweet intake in your diet. By making conscious efforts in avoiding cravings for sweet, you can effectively manage taking lesser calories. In fact, you can try the substitutes for sweet with fewer calories.

(4) Inculcate string will power – You should have strong will power and you need to be determined to put away the any weight gain during the process of quitting smoking.