Cigarette filters are unique and effective in conquering over Nicotine Addiction in a natural way. It helps in reducing the dependency on cigarettes. In case of using Gums and patches for quitting smoking, one does not treat the root cause as these do not reduce the dependency on nicotine. In fact, they allow the body to get nicotine from other source. One Step at a Time cigarette filters gradually reduce the dependency on nicotine and thus very effective. It provides a proven way to winning over your addiction without using patches, gums, doctors and reconditioning programs.

One Step at a Time Cigarette Filters and Smokeeze Cigarette Filters One Step at a Time®Cigarette Filters system comes with four filters where each can be used for 7 to 14 days. The first filter reduces up to 25% of nicotine and tars; the second by 50%; the third by 70%. By the time one finishes the fourth filter one can eliminate up to 90% of the nicotine and tars. With

One Step at a Time, you will get four filters in addition to 20 page booklet. It consists of details on the functioning of filters; usage of filters and four steps for a smoke-free life. It also comprises of details of cleaning the filters and for extending their effectiveness.

Smokeeze Cigarette Filters

Smokeeze Cigarette Filters eliminates up to 90% of tar and nicotine from every cigarette smoked by the smokers. It is an ideal filter for someone who has tried to quit smoking, but just couldn’t do it. Smokeeze reduces your dependency on nicotine by removing the tar and nicotine from the cigarettes.

Smokeeze effectively removes most of the lung clogging tar and addictive Nicotine; however, it does not change cigarette taste. One Smokeeze cigarette filter will lasts till smoking of 4-5 cigarettes. Each box has 30 filters and it is enough for filtering up to more than 7 packs of cigarettes. Smokeeze cigarette filters are designed to fit the regular cigarettes only. It is not applicable for “slim” cigarettes.