Hypnosis – You can quit smoking by using the hypnosis that refers to effective7 disc program. You can use the hypnosis for quitting smoking from the comfort and privacy of your own home. The Non-Smoker’s Edge comes with 7 audio CD’s that provide complete smoking cessation program on hypnotherapy. Hypnosis offers powerful psychological and behavior modification therapy that modifies the way a smoker thinks about his smoking habit. Hypnosis has been proven to assist in changing the habits of even chain smokers.


As per the study, multiple-session hypnosis has a 66% success rate in allowing people to quit smoking and it is higher than any other smoking cessation method available. It also motivates the people and gives them confidence and strength to quit smoking. Hypnosis helps in opening the mental blocks by reaching the unconscious mind so that you can deal with your goal of quitting smoking comprehensively. Hypnosis also explore the solutions for dealing with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and involves the discussion of other strategies.

Neuro-VISION Quit Smoking In A Flash!

‘Quit Smoking in a Flash!’ is basically a video program by Neuro-VISION that assists in eliminating the cravings, compulsions and urge for smoking. It helps in quitting smoking without any withdrawal symptoms. It helps in inculcate the new behaviours naturally by striking at your subconscious thoughts.


The program comes with a copy of Video Hypnosis Technology that is so very powerful and effective in quitting smoking. Even the US government has issued a patent for its protection. The Video programs are well suited in quitting smoking as it directly reaches the unconscious mind. Smoker sees and listens to the video patiently and gets the thoughts absorbed in the unconscious brain. It allows the user to apply the hypnotic video technology for quitting your smoking habit without any cravings, Weight gain and withdrawal symptoms.