Cold Turkey is one of the widely used methods available today for quitting smoking. It is practised by large number of smokers however it is also one of the difficult approaches for quitting smoking completely. “Cold turkey” is the term that refers to the actions of a person who quit a habit at once completely. It is in sharp contrast to the method of gradually decreasing the dependency by using the reduction or replacement medication. Examples of cold turkey include the smoking cessation methods proposed by J. Wayne McFarland, Elman J. Folkenburg, Joel Spitzer, John R. Polito and Allen Carr.

 Cold Turkey Method The major advantage of using the Cold Turkey method is that the person does not use any of the active supplement methods and avoid the habit completely from the roots. The person using this method does not even think about the habit, its temptation, and thus stops the addiction immediately. However, this method is not as simple as it seems as it includes the difficult period of coping up with the challenging circumstances and going through the withdrawal symptoms. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are really painful and unbearable.

The etymology of Cold Turkey has its roots in American phrase “talk turkey” that implies the meaning of speaking bluntly with little preparation. However, some people think that Cold Turkey is derived from the comparison of a cold turkey carcass as well as the state of a withdrawing addict including the goose bumps and cold sweats. It is also used in the situation to describe going with less or no preparation. Another comparison can be made to the “Cold Turkey” that does not need any preparation. The word Cold Turkey has been used in many movies and songs those talks about leaving the addiction of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.