SmokeLessCounter is a gadget that helps the smokers in controlling their smoking habit. It helps in putting the quit smoking efforts on “auto-pilot” and keep the uncertainty out of quitting smoking by gradually helps in quitting smoking.

This device is a simple way of quitting smoking by gradually weaning smokers from addiction to nicotine. It puts the smokers on a simple schedule that slowly reduces the smoking over a period of time and one can learn to withdraw from addiction. It acts as a tool that put the smokers on auto-pilot. The SmokeLessCounter was designed for the smokers and helps them to take control of your habit. It works by gradually reducing both the psychological and physical urge to smoke. The working of SmokeLessCounter is based on the principals of gradual nicotine withdrawal and behaviour modifications.


With the SmokeLessCounter, one can select the time required for quitting smoking and it can be up to 6 months. All you need is to simply enter information about the smoking habits, and the SmokeLessCounter will designs a program customised for you. You simply need to enter the current time of day, number of cigarettes currently smoke each day, number of days to quit smoking completely, and the cost per cigarette.

Once you have entered all the required information, you can press the Smoke button to start with a smoke-free life. Once started, the SmokeLessCounter starts counting the minutes till you can go for smoking next cigarette. It will emit a low beep, once it is time for smoking again. As per the number of days entered by you, the SmokeLessCounter will gradually increase the time between cigarettes on daily and weekly basis. It will make the calculation on the basis of time frame decided by you for quit smoking completely. It helps in quitting smoke on auto-pilot.