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Tips for Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking takes time and one need to make conscious efforts to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked daily till reaching the stage of complete non smoking. You may follow the below mentioned tips for quitting smoking effectively.

(1) Have a strong willpower- You should have a firm believe in yourself that you can quit smoking. You can make small goals and achieve them to gain the required confidence for tackling any obstacles that come your way.

(2) Make a note of the reasons for your decision to quit smoking. You should ensure that you read it daily. Also make a list of actions you would like to do and follow it strictly.

Tips for Quitting Smoking (3) You should make a list of the benefits of quitting smoking including feeling better, getting healthy body and mind, saving money, living longer, improving your personality, etc. You should ensure to read these benefits daily once or twice.

(4) Take assistance from family and friends – You should discuss about your habit for quitting smoking with your friends and family. You should ask them to be support you and assist you in while dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

(5) Chart your time bound plan for quitting smoking – You should prepare a plan with timelines for quitting or reducing the smoking. You can prepare daily, weekly and monthly goals. You can set the dates for cutting down on number of cigarettes smoked by you gradually to zero. You can also arrange for a party to reward yourself on day when you have reached the complete no smoking day.

(6) Take assistance from doctors – You may visit your doctor and ask him about quitting. The proper support and guidance from a physician helps you in quitting the smoking completely.

(7) Begin activities like swimming, dancing, doing exercise, etc. All these physical activities are incompatible with smoking. It helps you in getting rid of smoking habits. By regularly doing exercise, you can relieves the stress and recover your body from the damage done by smoking cigarettes.

Quitting Smoking

(8) Do Yoga and deep breathing daily – You should try to do yoga and deep breathing exercises each day for about 3 to 5 minutes. You should try to breathe through nose slowly, hold your breath for a minute and exhale very slowly from your mouth. It will help in relaxing your mind and body.

(9) Practise creative visualizations for quitting smoking completely. You should visualize your way for becoming a non-smoker. You can do so while practising the breathing exercises and by keeping your eyes closed. You can create the visualizations that suit you.

Tips for Quitting Smoking (10) Ensure gradual progress no matter if it is slow – You should ensure that you are making a gradual progress and do not mind if you are slow at it. Everyday a small step should be taken towards reaching your goals. Some of the ways for cutting down on your number of cigarettes gradually include planning the less number of cigarettes every day, buying less number of cigarette packets, change brands to low tar brands, etc.

(11) Devise your own pace for quitting smoking- You should not hurry yourself in quitting the smoking abruptly as it will make it difficult for you to leave. You should work out your own pace for quitting smoking. You can think about the best method and pace for gradually quitting.

(12) Take Advice from Ex Smokers – You should take the advices from other smokers who have successfully quitted smoking. You can share their experiences and various methods taken by them in overcoming the obstacles faced by them in dealing with withdrawal symptoms and cravings for smoking.

(13) Clean your teeth several times a day to ensure that they look great. You should make habit of regularly drinking lots of water as it will assist in flushing the nicotine out of your body.

(14) Celebrate your achievements as a non smoker for a day, week and then month.

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