Zerosmoke is basically a gadget that makes use of two bio-magnets that create a precise pressure point on the outer ear of person. This Auricular therapy leads to the stimulation of various acupuncture points in the outer ear. It makes use of magnets for activating the production of neurotransmitters in the brain for removing the craving and desires for smoking. It is an all natural method treatment for quit smoking. This device does not wear out and lasts till lifetime. It allows the smokers to get rid of pills, gum, or any other chemical.

ZeroSmoke The cost of Zerosmoke is less than the cost of one week of smoking. It is a safe magnetic Auricular Therapy. It is very easy to use and is non allergic. It is coated by 24k gold covering and has worldwide patents. The Zerosmoke N.A. is FDA listed and registered.

In order to use the Zerosmoke, you need to place the magnets on your ears. It comes with two magnets of different size. You can place the smaller magnet on the front end of the ear and the larger magnet behind the ear. You should leave the magnets for 3 –4 hours on your ear. You should ensure that you should not keep it for more than 4 hours a day. You should use it in evenings at home. You can use it for six to seven days. During these six days, you can keep smoking. However, by 7th day, you should try to stop smoking. It will be easier for you to stop smoking by this time as the magnets would have resulted in the production of endorphins that eliminates the desire to smoke. You can continue using Zerosmoke® for the next about a month as per the instructions and advice given in the accompanying manual.