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Steps for Quitting Smoking

In order to quit smoking, a smoker needs to go through various phases where he has to overcome varying obstacles. Therefore, a smoker needs to have a strong will power and determination to tackle any barrier in the gradual, step-by-step process of quitting smoking.

You can take the following steps in planning your course of quitting smoking.

(1)Make a determined plan for quitting smoking – You should think about quitting or reducing the smoking with firm will and determination. You should start taking all actions that support your task. You need to prepare yourself mentally for doing it and begin discussing about it. You should analyse the negative aspects that you need to overcome and prepare to face them.

Steps for Quitting Smoking (2) Do proper research – You should devote your time and efforts in gathering as much information as available for quitting smoking. You can refer to various products for quitting smoking such as Non smoking patches, cigarette filters, audio or video CDS, etc. You can also take the advice from others who had quit smoking.

(3) Take small and gradual steps –You should try to modify your smoking habits by cutting them down gradually. You can begin by keeping a record of how many cigarettes you have smoked and use stress-reduction techniques. You can start a new activity like swimming, dancing, etc that helps you to focus your mind towards creative and useful tasks.

(4) Use statistics to track your progress – You need to keep track of cigarettes smoked by you every day. You can make a note of the numbers and try to reduce it daily by one or two cigarettes. You should also modify your cigarette buying behaviour by reducing the frequency of buying it. One of the better ideas is to identify the top cigarette triggers and act to control it.

(5)Change your brand gradually to low tar brand – You should make the conscious effort to gradually shift towards the low tar brand. You need to brush your teeth many times a day and make a list of the reasons for your quitting and read it daily.

(6) Make long term and short term plan to quit smoking completely.- You should make plan for quitting smoking completely by starting from daily actions to weekly and then monthly. Try to refrain from smoking for one day to three days to week and then month.

Quitting Smoking

(8) Do Yoga and deep breathing daily – You should try to do yoga and deep breathing exercises each day for about 3 to 5 minutes. You should try to breathe through nose slowly, hold your breath for a minute and exhale very slowly from your mouth. It will help in relaxing your mind and body.

(9) Practise creative visualizations for quitting smoking completely. You should visualize your way for becoming a non-smoker. You can do so while practising the breathing exercises and by keeping your eyes closed. You can create the visualizations that suit you.

Tips for Quitting Smoking (10) Ensure gradual progress no matter if it is slow – You should ensure that you are making a gradual progress and do not mind if you are slow at it. Everyday a small step should be taken towards reaching your goals. Some of the ways for cutting down on your number of cigarettes gradually include planning the less number of cigarettes every day, buying less number of cigarette packets, change brands to low tar brands, etc.

(11) Devise your own pace for quitting smoking- You should not hurry yourself in quitting the smoking abruptly as it will make it difficult for you to leave. You should work out your own pace for quitting smoking. You can think about the best method and pace for gradually quitting.

(12) Take Advice from Ex Smokers – You should take the advices from other smokers who have successfully quitted smoking. You can share their experiences and various methods taken by them in overcoming the obstacles faced by them in dealing with withdrawal symptoms and cravings for smoking.

(13) Clean your teeth several times a day to ensure that they look great. You should make habit of regularly drinking lots of water as it will assist in flushing the nicotine out of your body.

(14) Celebrate your achievements as a non smoker for a day, week and then month.

Quit Smoking Cravings

The major obstacle in the path of quitting smoking completely is to deal firmly with the quit smoking cravings. The majority of the smokers usually give in to their cravings of smoking and thus find it difficult to quit smoking. However, it is possible to follow smoking cessation and overcome your cravings and you need to be mentally tough do it. In fact, for every smoker in the world, there is also an Ex- smoker. This fact in itself has proved that there are millions of people around the world that have successfully quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Cravings There are basically three types of cravings that keep the smokers away from quitting smoking completely. One needs to understand these cravings properly to get rid of them. Once you get the idea about your cravings, you can handle it better. The most common craving that poses challenge for the smoker who has completely stops smoking is to face the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can be extremely tough to tackle and it creates profound effect on the physique of the person. The body of smoker simple finds it difficult to adjust itself without nicotine in the beginning and this makes it uncomfortable for the smoker. In fact, there are many smokers who have left the smoking but get relapses due to these withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.

Another form of cravings includes the lack of proper concentration and tendency to get depressed. The smoking person on smoking cessation experiences anxiety, headache, and may get into depression. The person suffers from sleep disorders and his food pattern changes abruptly with sudden increase in hunger. These are few challenges that a smoker needs to overcome in order to leave smoking. At this stage, the affected person needs to show extreme will power to surge ahead. These withdrawal symptoms are of temporary nature and they cease to exist within one to three weeks.

In addition to the above mentioned cravings, the affected people also have cravings in the form of habits. There are some habits that are linked with the smoking like taking break from work and smoke to relax or smoking while drinking alcohol. Some people make it a habit to walk in the garden at a particular time of day and while doing so they tend to smoke. After smoking cessation, whenever the affected person come across any of his habit linked with smoking, he may feel the cravings of smoking.

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