Smokers can get rid of majority of the health effects of tobacco by quitting smoking completely. If a smoker has stopped smoking before age of 30 years, he can live a longer span of life comparable to that of non smokers. Quitting Smoking is a pathway of leading a happier and healthy life. If a smoker stops smoking in adulthood then it can add up to 10 years of healthy life. If a smoker stops smoking in sixties then one can add three years of healthy life. By quitting smoking completely, one can certainly get better mental health and spend his life free from diseases. As per the research done, the damage caused by smoking tobacco can be eased by using antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Smoking Cessation When a smoker quit smoking completely, the body immediately gets into action to get rid of foreign substances accumulated by smoking. It includes the nicotine and carbon mono oxide present in the blood. Body also engages in the cleaning of the lungs by removing the accumulated particulate matter and tar. As a result, even though the smoker may cough more, the cardiovascular efficiency of the body improves drastically.

As soon as smokers quit smoking, the nicotine gets removed from the bloodstream completely in 48 to 72 hours. Also, cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine gets removed from the blood within 10 to 14 days. Some of the immediate effects of smoking cessation include normalcy of blood pressure within twenty minutes, Oxygen levels return to normalcy after 8 hours, mucus begins to clear in lungs and carbon-monoxide levels dropped to normal level as found in non smokers lungs. The nicotine leaves the body after 48 hours and breathing becomes easier after 72 hours. The blood circulation improves drastically after 2 weeks. The Longer-term effects include the drastic reduction in the risk of heart failure up to 50% after 5 years and risk of lung cancer reduced to level of non smoker after 10 years.