(8) Do Yoga and deep breathing daily – You should try to do yoga and deep breathing exercises each day for about 3 to 5 minutes. You should try to breathe through nose slowly, hold your breath for a minute and exhale very slowly from your mouth. It will help in relaxing your mind and body.

(9) Practise creative visualizations for quitting smoking completely. You should visualize your way for becoming a non-smoker. You can do so while practising the breathing exercises and by keeping your eyes closed. You can create the visualizations that suit you.

Tips for Quitting Smoking (10) Ensure gradual progress no matter if it is slow – You should ensure that you are making a gradual progress and do not mind if you are slow at it. Everyday a small step should be taken towards reaching your goals. Some of the ways for cutting down on your number of cigarettes gradually include planning the less number of cigarettes every day, buying less number of cigarette packets, change brands to low tar brands, etc.

(11) Devise your own pace for quitting smoking- You should not hurry yourself in quitting the smoking abruptly as it will make it difficult for you to leave. You should work out your own pace for quitting smoking. You can think about the best method and pace for gradually quitting.

(12) Take Advice from Ex Smokers – You should take the advices from other smokers who have successfully quitted smoking. You can share their experiences and various methods taken by them in overcoming the obstacles faced by them in dealing with withdrawal symptoms and cravings for smoking.

(13) Clean your teeth several times a day to ensure that they look great. You should make habit of regularly drinking lots of water as it will assist in flushing the nicotine out of your body.

(14) Celebrate your achievements as a non smoker for a day, week and then month.