Many smokers tend to use the substitutes available in the market for quitting smoking. These substitutes makes the smoker feel as if he is smoking the cigarette but they are harmless and serve only to satisfy the cravings for smoking by the smoker. By gradually using the substitutes for the smoking, smokers leave the dependency on nicotine laden cigarettes.

Some of the widely used Substitutes for cigarettes are mentioned below.

Using Substitutes for Cigarettes (1) Using Vaporizer – This is a cigarette substitute that heats up to 210 °C or less as compared to 820 °C at the tip of a cigarette. It removes the harmful carbon monoxide and other combustion toxins present in the smoke.

(2)Electronic cigarette – This is a device that looks like cigarette and comprises of heating element that vaporizes liquid nicotine and other flavourings from the cartridge. It comes with a rechargeable battery and is less expensive as compared to vaporizer. It provide various advantages including reducing the tar and carbon monoxide from the smoke significantly.

As per the release issued by World Health Organization in 2008, the electronic cigarette is not considered as a legitimate smoking cessation aid. It points that there is lack of sufficient studies to prove that the electronic cigarettes can be used as safe and effective nicotine replacement therapy.

(3) Smokeless tobacco – Using the smokeless tobacco is another way of quitting smoking but it does not reduce the dependency on nicotine as it only replaces the source of nicotine. Also, the spitting of tobacco may also lead to harmful effects like the risk for leukoplakia that is a precursor to oral cancer. Moreover, the chewing tobacco can also lead to mouth and throat cancer effectively.

(4)Smoking herb substitutions (non-tobacco) – This is the best option for quitting smoking as it does not involve the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine. It comprises of preparation made from the various herbal products that are beneficial for the body.